Why Proposal Response Software should mimic your firm’s internal Structure

Congratulations! After a lengthy decision-making process that oftentimes takes months to conclude, your firm has officially decided to move forward with its purchase decision for Enterprise RFx Software. Not only did you lead the charge with the procurement department in advocating for such a product or solution, but you also included as many stakeholders as possible in the overall […]

First pick of the NFL Draft chosen through RFP Process

Spring is in the air, pollen is in our nostrils, and dads everywhere have begun mowing their lawns regularly once again. For those diehard sports fans, this all correlates with one simple truth: football season is quickly approaching. Each year, the National Football League (NFL) conducts a draft of players from their collegiate days and into a […]

Retirement Planning | Competition & Cooperation

his past week, Team Catapult took a trip down to Tampa to participate in the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) 401(k) Summit. Hundred of companies come together to grow, learn, and share about the future of retirement planning. Many of these companies are in constant competition trying to win each other’s business across the country, […]

Top Tricks To Improve RFPs With Templates

Historically, the RFx process has been arduous and manual for both requestors and responders, yet the RFP remains the number one way to find and evaluate new vendors. Although there are many tools available to help digitize the experience and make it more efficient, there is one simple place to start that many may not have considered: templates! RFx […]

How to Manage Content Like a Pro

One of the most important jobs of a Content Manager is making sure writers can find the right answers when completing RFx projects. It is imperative that RFx writers are able to quickly and easily search the content library to locate the most up-to-date answer specific to their needs. This becomes especially critical in large, complex organizations […]

Introducing Catapult | A Stateside Welcome

Welcome to Catapult! We’d like to take a minute to introduce Catapult and ourselves. Catapult is an all-in-one RFx solution. What is that? RFx = “Request for X” and to us, that means anything from an RFP (Request for Proposal), RFI (Request for Information), DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire), Security Proposals, etc. We provide a solution to help […]

Rules For An Organization | Rule 3 – Gratitude

Click here to read the beginning of our series on “Rules For A Knight” by Ethan Hawke. Rule #3: Gratitude Gratitude has to be one of our favorite core values. Showing gratitude can not only shift the way you think but also can dramatically change the way you act. The opening lines of the chapter go as […]

Rules For An Organization | Rule 2 – Humility

Click here to read the beginning of our series on “Rules For A Knight” by Ethan Hawke. Rule #2: Humility Humility, an easy word to understand but a hard word to live out. Knights were seen as one of the most prominent people in medieval societies. They had power and control over a lot of people, yet […]

Rules For An Organization | Rule 1 – Solitude

Rules For Catapult Over the next couple of months, Catapult wants to share something that has greatly benefitted us as an organization. Not only will you learn about what makes Catapult a top-tier business but you will also gain a sense of understanding into how you can improve all aspects of your organization and perhaps establish rules […]

Maximizing Your Workday | 6 Useful Tips

Here at Catapult, we have our own techniques for maximizing our workday. Time is the most valuable asset, so why not do your best to make the most of it? That’s why we’ve tried to focus on this not only in our personal lives but in our software as well. Below we have some tips that we […]