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HOLLYWOOD is Calling, Can you hear it?

What are the odds that you thought a Request for Information (“RFI”) was meant only for corporations and used to evaluate qualified vendors before putting them through a formalized Request for Proposal (“RFP”)? If you thought businesses only did these questionnaires, you would be mistaken. People and companies execute RFPs every day. It can be as basic as deciding what computer brand to buy, acquisition due diligence, and even finding a vendor to work with. They’re all an RFP, but sometimes we just don’t think of it that way.

Let’s avoid corporate America for a moment and journey back in time, way back to when we were kids in middle school. The ageless experience of being attracted to someone brought many uncomfortable situations, and if you were, you had a very trustworthy upperclassmen friend show you an awesome origami game. This origami game allowed you to ask a “special someone” to pick a color or a number (depending on how you laid out the start of the game) with the intent that the outcome got you both to connect and hopefully give you the courage to ask them out. Then, as you feverishly open, close, open, and close the number of letters or numbers they said, you finally hit the next step: opening a flap to do the next little puzzle.

Catapult is like origami. We are flexible and customizable to the point that you can create a questionnaire for any purpose with the ability to ask questions the way you desire for the best possible outcome. 

Now, fast forward to adulthood, where hopefully, your confidence has evolved, and you’re no longer as shy to approach someone of interest to ask them out. Additionally, your taste in Hollywood TV shows and movies has gotten a lot better… This is vital, right? Did you catch what I just did? You betcha! We’re going HOLLYWOOD everyone!

Let’s unveil the curtain a little. If you are unaware, reality TV is scripted. The hiring of actors/actresses is intentional to lure the appropriate charisma, drama, and emotion between people. What you may not have known is that this is an RFI. Two new productions, Married at First Site and The Rosie Project, both executed RFIs to identify the right contestants and the proper love interest. Let’s break it down.

Producers shared with Cosmopolitan UK that they asked five hundred unique questions ranging from upbringing, religion, financial and political views, abuse, mental health, secret desires, and more to thousands of hopeful contestants who wanted to participate in the show. Producers and Casting Agents evaluated all contestants not just based on looks (this is Hollywood) but on what would drive the most outrageous amount of drama to drive views. Views equal sponsor money; sponsor money pays the actors and actresses. Sponsors like Apple, Samsung, Walmart, and LG buy ad space which is used to keep the show operational. Losing viewers means the show loses sponsors, and no sponsors mean a show is shut down. 

Henry Cavill, Superman as we all know him, has an upcoming movie titled The Rosie Project. A down-on-his-luck professor who can’t find love creates an elaborate questionnaire to find the perfect match based on his requirements. But instead, he falls for someone who doesn’t match any of the requirements within his questionnaire. Unfortunately, there are no capes, but this is likely a true rom-com that will be watched by many.

The most important thing to remember when composing an RFI is to understand your goal in putting together this engagement. Is it purpose-driven? Is it beneficial? Do these questions impact the decision-making process? Is there a more straightforward way? Ultimately, your questionnaire should lead your team to the most beneficial relationship, unlike poor Henry Cavil. 

Book a demo now to learn more about Catapult and the industry templates we provide to help alleviate the burden of getting started. We make evaluating Responders easy so you can focus on curating the best relationships in your market.

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