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Rules For An Organization | Rule 1 – Solitude

Rules For Catapult

Over the next couple of months, Catapult wants to share something that has greatly benefitted us as an organization. Not only will you learn about what makes Catapult a top-tier business but you will also gain a sense of understanding into how you can improve all aspects of your organization and perhaps establish rules for your company

A recently published book by Academy Award nominee, Ethan Hawke, titled “Rules For A Knight” dives deep into what it means to live with purpose, have honor, and be a good person.

While Ethan was going through his grandmother’s belongings he came upon a letter from 1483, written by a knight, Sir Thomas, to his children. Before a very important battle, Sir Thomas wrote down life lessons that he wanted to share with his kids. These lessons over 400 years later were turned into a New York Times bestseller.

Each rule is a blueprint on self-improvement and how to follow along the path of humility, strength, and growth. Our goal over the next couple of months is to display the core values and rules of Catapult while inspiring radical change within your organization and your life.

Rule #1: Solitude

One of the most important fundamentals of business and life is finding time for yourself and your thoughts. Wisdom is a key part of life but finding it can be challenging. Letting the worries of this world fade away and focusing on what actually matters can lead to immense growth. One quote I love from the book says, “just as it is impossible to see your reflection in troubled water, so is it with the soul.” Life is full of distractions but knowing how to separate yourself from the world can clear up your thoughts and allow for focus.

Catapult is a very collaborative company, and there are so many benefits to teamwork but solitude is something that is utilized every day. A big chunk of our day is filled with team meetings focused on growth and goal-oriented success. Amidst all of that collaboration, there is still solitude. In between meetings and calls, employees spend time at their desks by themselves learning and developing their skills.

One thing that our CEO and Founder Justin is passionate about is growth through reading. Justin is constantly suggesting books or reading material to take home and read. In the solitude of our homes, we spend time devouring any piece of material we can to make us a better coworker and human.

I challenge each and every one of you to find a book that means something to you. Find a book that will influence your home and work life. Change starts in solitude by creating time alone with yourself. True wisdom comes with complete solitude.

Dawson Schuchmann

Catapult’s Squire

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