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Rules For An Organization | Rule 2 – Humility

Click here to read the beginning of our series on “Rules For A Knight” by Ethan Hawke.

Rule #2: Humility

Humility, an easy word to understand but a hard word to live out. Knights were seen as one of the most prominent people in medieval societies. They had power and control over a lot of people, yet they were taught to never think of themselves as superior.

The next thing that knights were taught was to “never announce that you are a knight, simply behave as one.” By announcing what you’ve accomplished and who you’ve become you can unintentionally belittle someone. Uphold what you value and live out what you have learned but don’t brag about who you have become.

How Catapult embodies humility:

1. “Humility is the ability to see yourself in the context of a much larger world.”

Catapult is one of many companies that have created procurement software. We are a young company that still has much to learn. On every call we have we find new ways to develop and make Catapult better. Catapult is part of a much bigger world than procurement though. Catapult learns from every industry, whether it is healthcare, construction, or finance. Running and working for a business is something that happens all over the world. This means that there is something to learn from everyone. By accepting that everything is a learning opportunity you start to see new things around you. When people speak, listen. “A knight is never so arrogant as to think he has nothing left to learn.” The newfound attentiveness that can come from listening can ultimately lead to humility within your life and your business.

2. Modest Success

Being successful is one of life’s greatest feelings. Success comes with time and effort but it is important to not boast your accomplishments. Feel free to celebrate and enjoy all that you have done but remember what it took to get there and just be thankful. The best way to have modest success is to help others have the same feeling of accomplishment. Elevating others to success not only helps them become better but can also help you to become more humble.

Over the course of this week we at Catapult challenge you to celebrate other’s success and always be open to learning. Open-mindedness is one of the greatest attributes a person can have.

Dawson Schuchmann

Catapult’s Squire

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