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RFP compliance

Efficiently track, monitor, and report compliance

The benefits of an end-to-end compliance management solution:

Set and meet expectations at every step of the process

Ensure all teams and entities are on the same page

Track progress down to the
tiniest detail

Cover your bases and reap the benefits of a job well done

The Audit Trail — The Holy Grail Of Compliance Management

One of Catapult’s defining RFx tools is our built-in Audit Trail, by which teams can track activity across all content. For each piece of content in the platform, Catapult keeps a record of key compliance statistics, including:

When the piece of content was created

When the content was last updated

Whether the content is approved

Material comments and material edit flags

How many times the content has been utilized

The last person to access/edit the content

When the content needs to be updated

Customize your compliance solutions to fit your organization’s specific needs

Teams can collaborate to create and approve the right questions and answers to establish vendor ability, credibility, and experience

Catapult’s automated RFx capabilities provide teams with the ability to save questions and answers in template form for easy access on future projects

Different user role types within Catapult’s system allow users to assign content to other users, and approve or deny edits/changes made to content

Catapult’s entire software is built on quality assurance with built-in checkpoints at every step

Compliance checklist ⁠— the key to compliance tracking success

Every project comes with a unique set of requirements, which is why Catapult provides an easy way to collaborate on each project’s needs, splitting complex RFP questions into individual requirements that are easy to understand on both a macro and micro perspective

A tool for the whole team — a true end-to-end solution

A contractor’s priorities may be different from the contracting officer’s priorities. And the contracting officer’s priorities may be different from the end-user’s priorities. But everyone has the same goal: to get the job done well. That’s why Catapult’s compliance management software is built to cater to everyone’s needs and ensure all stakeholders are on the same page throughout the process

Catapult will help you be confident in your organization’s compliance practices.