Due Diligence &
SIG Questionnaire

Efficiently and easily gather important information.
Standard Information Gathering and Due Diligence are key aspects of doing business — but they’re not always the most appealing steps for either ends of the business agreement. Catapult is here to change that.

Do More With
Your DDQs

Obtain the documents, records, and information your organization needs to assess risk and move forward with confidence

Store DDQ responses for easy access and communication across teams

SIG Questionnaires Made Smarter

Build, customize, analyze, and store vendor assessments for managing third-party risk

See SIG questionnaire responses all in one place and make swift decisions based on them

Catapult allows requestors to focus on responses that have changed since the last submission, saving time and energy.

Cut right to the point during a review.


Responders can save previous answers and respond to recurring requests in minutes instead of hours.


With advanced features specifically tailored to DDQs like codes and DDQ templates, Catapult does more than save previously used responses — it allows teams to efficiently update data across content and maintain useful versions of responses for more customized responses.

I’m on a content team of 80+ collaborating on pieces of content that we are asked to maintain on a monthly basis. Before Catapult, we were bottlenecked by the workflow of editing and managing content. Without collaborative features, each of us were left in the dark and unable to proceed with any level of confidence, because we did not know if we were using the right answers in our RFPs and DDQs. With Catapult, we have experienced the benefit of a fully collaborative experience in real time, which has enabled us to deliver responses on time while saving hundreds of hours in just our first couple months of adopting the software.



Cut through the noise and get to what you need.

See how Catapult can help you do that.