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An RFP solution made by financial service experts, for financial service teams

Proposal software so intuitive, it’s like you dreamt it up yourself
With a combined 52 years of experience in the financial services industry, the Catapult team has firsthand knowledge of the pain points in the RFP process — and we’ve turned our past struggles into your ideal solutions.
Meet: Justin

Justin Witz


Catapult’s fearless leader, Justin is an Air Force and Iraqi War veteran who has managed over $400 billion worth of RFPs for companies within the financial services sector, and created custom tools and applications for companies like Principal Financial Group, Vanguard, TIAA, and more. And then came his brainchild: Catapult.


His mission in creating Catapult was to optimize and standardize the RFX (“request for anything”) process across industries — with a specific eye toward his own roots in the financial space.

RFP tools to help you conquer your tasks throughout the entire RFP journey.

Vendor Solution Comparison Reporting

Compare your incumbent solution to multiple competitive alternatives of 25+ of the nation’s top recordkeeping firms. With all the pros and cons laid out right in front of you, you’ll never need to second-guess your decisions again.

Instantaneous Database Report Creation

It’s one thing to have data. But being able to file, organize, and analyze your data all in one place — at just the click of a button — is like a dream come true. We’ve gone above and beyond, so you can leave the number-crunching to your new favorite tool.

Fee Schedule, Fund Lineups, & Investments

Unlike cookie-cutter RFP software meant for general use, Catapult has built-in features only those in the financial services sector would even think about. It’s the small touches like these that will launch your organization to its next level of success!

Turn your financial services fantasy into a reality.

It’s time to leverage your firm’s RFX process and turn proposals into a profit center. Seeing is believing — check out Catapult’s software to see how you can start securing more business and dominating your industry.