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Introducing Catapult | A Stateside Welcome

Mar 10, 2021

Welcome to Catapult!

We’d like to take a minute to introduce Catapult and ourselves. Catapult is an all-in-one RFx solution. What is that? RFx = “Request for X” and to us, that means anything from an RFP (Request for Proposal), RFI (Request for Information), DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire), Security Proposals, etc. We provide a solution to help you issue and respond to just about any type of questionnaire. 

You can find all sorts of information about Catapult by exploring our website, and we invite you to schedule a demo with us, so we can learn more about you! But for now, it is time to introduce you to the brains behind Catapult, our founder, Justin Witz.

Here are a handful of Fast Facts about Justin… 

  • Justin is an Air Force and Iraqi War Veteran
  • While serving our country, Justin managed and oversaw over $400 Billion worth of Request for Proposals (RFPs)
  • Justin has won a multitude of awards for Catapult as the best up-and-coming software to handle/manage RFPs, deemed the “Most Fundable Company”
  • During  his free time, Justin enjoys the weekends with his wonderful wife and three children

In addition, as with any organization, there always exists the steady ‘rock’ of all behind-the-scenes activity which keep things running smoothly despite the chaos of daily operations; now, it is time to introduce the brawn behind Catapult, Chelsea Rutter.

Here are a handful of Fast Facts about Chelsea…

  • Chelsea currently lives in the beautiful state of Colorado
  • Chelsea and her husband love the surrounding scenery and often indulge in the beauty of the mountains
  • If you happen to need a $5 bill, then Chelsea is your go-to person: she never spends them
  • Chelsea is an incredible mother to two daughters
  • In her work, Chelsea finds joy in uncovering and improving upon process efficiencies

Next, one of our longest employees with the Catapult team is the “Jack of all Trades” and the master of many! Jacob Archer wears many hats for this organization; as the glue of this organization, everybody could use a little more Jacob in their life.

Here are a handful of Fast Facts about Jacob…

  • Jacob currently resides in the upstate of South Carolina
  • He is a Clemson graduate that never wore an orange shirt on campus
  • His beard makes people think he is twice his age
  • Among other activities, he enjoys diving into new hobbies and randomly learning about new subjects

Also, as Catapult has begun to grow at an increasing rate, its fearless leaders decided to expand its sales force with a fresh perspective. 

Here are a handful of Fast Facts about Tyler

  • Tyler previously held a role with the renowned Campbell Soup Company
  • As a University of Georgia graduate, Tyler pays far too much attention to SEC football on autumn Saturday afternoons
  • A recent migrant to the Charlotte area, Tyler previously lived in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Making and playing all genres of music is one of Tyler’s unsung passions; he was even a member of the elite University of Georgia marching band

Lastly, to help development match the pace of ideas for Catapult, we brought Chris Antrim on! Chris is a show of force when it comes to coding, and has been a key part of reinforcing our software.

Here are a handful of Fast Facts about Chris…

  • Chris is also a UGA graduate, and is just as much a fan!
  • He enjoys Rocket League, and scores aerials routinely.
  • He is a Full Stack Developer with experience in a myriad of places, including Angular, Node.js, Java, and more
  • In his free time, he enjoys learning about new technologies and figuring out how they can be used to bring value to our team and our users

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