An RFP software for
requestors, responders,
and all the teams in between

Efficiently and easily gather important information.

Catapult takes a synergistic approach to RFP creation, RFP response, proposal acceptance, and implementation of next steps.

RFP Creation

A scalable solution to create and distribute RFPs, and evaluate responses — all in one place!

RFP Responses

Catapult provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating the perfect RFP response, including easy-fill templates, progress tracking, a customizable document library, and a simplified rich text editor.


Catapult goes beyond the proposals! Due Diligence Questionnaires go hand-in-hand with the RFP process, and Catapult knows this. That’s why our software can also handle DDQs and other RFX (request for X) needs.


Keep your legal team happy with Catapult’s compliance oversight capabilities, including an audit trail/record for every piece of content, an easy approval/denial process, and advanced confidentiality measures.

Project Board Listings

Requestors: Expand and diversify your vendor pool with a custom branded URL and landing page where you can share every open opportunity and allow the bids to come to you.



The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Life is easier when everyone is on the same page

No need to toggle between different word processing programs or waiting for your computer to reformat a document downloaded from a different software. Catapult puts everything in one place, standardizing the process across teams, organizations, and industries.