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Rules For An Organization | Rule 3 – Gratitude

Click here to read the beginning of our series on “Rules For A Knight” by Ethan Hawke.

Rule #3: Gratitude

Gratitude has to be one of our favorite core values. Showing gratitude can not only shift the way you think but also can dramatically change the way you act. The opening lines of the chapter go as follows, “The only intelligent response to the ongoing gift of life is gratitude. For all that has been, a knight says thank you. For all that is to come, a knight says yes.” Gratitude is more than just being grateful for what has happened to you but also being grateful and accepting of what is to come.

Gratitude For The Past

The first step of having an attitude of gratitude is being thankful for everything that has happened to you and gotten you to where you are. Gratitude can be as simple as saying thank you for the food you eat, the clothes you have on you, and the water you have access to. From a business standpoint whether you are the CEO or a low-level employee you can be thankful for the ability and opportunity to work for your company. Noticing that people around you might not be as well off as you can lead to a greater sense of humility and gratitude for what you have.

Gratitude For Obstacles

The next step of having an attitude of gratitude is being thankful for every obstacle that you haven’t had to face. I have heard countless stories of people having horrible bosses, or family issues that have prevented them from being the best employee that they can be. I’ve heard about things that have happened in people’s lives that I couldn’t begin to imagine what would happen if I had to face that. Being thankful for everything that you have been protected and shielded from shows that you are aware of your fortunate nature.

Yes, you might be going through some hard things right now but how much worse could it be? How bad could your life be if that one event happened to you as a kid? If I had fallen into temptation would I be where I am now? Asking questions like these can change your mindset from thinking about everything you have to realizing how you got to where you are now and why you got there.

Catapult hasn’t been around very long, a little over 4 years now, but looking back over the past couple of years really amazes me. I know of a lot of companies that have died out during their first four years and every day I wake up thanking God for having made it this far. Looking back, I see the resilience of Catapult and understanding everything that Catapult has gone through makes me extremely grateful. We have been lucky to have been able to escape many issues that have arisen over the years and are prepared and ready to face whatever the future holds.

Acceptance Of The Future

The last step of being grateful is to accept what is to come. One thing that I see in a lot of companies is that they overcome an obstacle and just stay exactly where they are. They don’t push forward and become better because they are afraid to go through more hardships. Challenges are what make companies unique and extremely successful.

For example, a couple of years ago Elon Musk was getting ready to sell Tesla because it was dying but now he is the richest man in the world. He continues to strive for success because he is grateful that he made it this far. You got this far in life for a reason. Why stay still when you could become so much more? “For all that is to come, say Yes!” Be better, grow, and become the best you can be by pushing forward and accepting new challenges.

My Gratitude Challenge

Finally, I challenge each and every one of you to make two lists. Write one list of everything you are grateful for and have made life worth living. Look over that list and see how good you have it. The next list I want you to write is every obstacle you have overcome and every obstacle that could have appeared in your way. Take this list and be grateful for the events that molded you into who you are today. Everything that has happened to you makes you special and unique to your business and it’s time that you understand what has shaped you. Go into this week with an attitude of gratitude and be ready and open for everything that is to come.

Dawson Schuchmann

Catapult’s Squire

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